Biodiversity in the Art of Care by Pieter Brest van Kempen
May 13–July 2 | Spiva Center for the Arts (222 W 3rd St)

Brest van Kempen’s meticulously executed paintings explore the variety of nature and attest to the artist’s belief that chief among nature’s hallmarks is its diversity. This widely acclaimed exhibition consists of 50 original paintings and preparatory sketches inspired not just by the beauty of the subjects, but also by their fascinating ecology and habitat. The qualities that make a particular species unique, such as behavioral traits, movements, or appearance, are what attract the artist to his subject. His aim is to help the viewer learn about how an animal lives and interacts with its environment and other organisms. From Mesozoic fauna to present-day animals of the African plains, these paintings recapture our fascination for unusual species, helping us better appreciate their distinctive characteristics and habitats, as well as the vital role they play in nature.

Tim Cherry’s Hewn from Nature
May 13–July 2 | Spiva Center for the Arts (222 W 3rd St)

Branson, MO, artist Tim Cherry produces sculptures which attract the viewer’s eyes and hands. Born in Calgary, Alberta in 1965, he grew up among the rugged Canadian Rockies in southeastern British Columbia. This is where he developed a love of wildlife and the outdoors. Tim’s wildlife sculptures are an expression of each animal’s personality, movement and behavior. Grace and elegance truly are qualities immediately recognizable in Cherry’s work, but another quality frequently present is a sense of whimsy, which marks a number of his works. 

The Ozarks Through the Lens – Four State Photography Enthusiasts
May | Spiva Center for the Arts (222 W 3rd St)

Celebrate the art of local photographers.

Body Prints by Lydia Humphreys
May | RSVPaint Joplin (420 S Main St)

Artist Statement: My prints display representational physical/emotional responses people have due to depression and anxiety. 

Pretty Little Trees by Gene Arehart
May | Urban Art Gallery (530 S Main St)

Artist Statement: My work is an illustration of the strong beliefs of constitutional conservatism. I use familiar images and objects to portray strong and conservative beliefs. Altering familiar images is a way to prompt the viewer to question the beliefs and passions our country and citizens have held close, while planting new thoughts and seeds that have grown in to “Pretty Little Trees.”

Hubble Revisited by Merlen White
May | Club 609 (609 S Main St)

Artist Statement: Paintings are a fantasy representation of colorful celestial views through the Hubble lens.

Vibrant by Janice Kinman
May | Joplin Avenue Coffee Company (506 S Joplin Ave)

Kinman’s exhibit depicts vibrant colors of places she has traveled in life and fantasy.